Attorneys in Sheboygan and Plymouth Wisconsin specializing in workers compensation, bankruptcy, divorce law, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Attorneys specializing in workers comp, bankruptcy, family law, estate planningAttorneys in our Sheboygan and Plymouth Offices

Charlton & Morgan, Ltd. offers quality legal services at an affordable rate.The firm consists of Attorney Andrew H. Morgan and Attorney Guy Charlton.

The firm believes in offering affordable services, and is able to tailor its fees to meet the requirements of each client.

Attorney Morgan has practiced law continuously since 1991, with a primary law license in Wisconsin and a second license in Illinois.  He is based in Sheboygan but practiced law in Milwaukee for 15 years.  He has handled a vast array of cases successfully, and has appeared in many county courts in Wisconsin, as well as the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and Wisconsin Supreme Court.  He has also won cases in federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.  Presently his practice focuses on Workers Compensation law, small business law, civil litigation, landlord-tenant law, Social Security claims/disputes, foreclosure defense, condominium law, bankruptcy, guardian ad litem law, criminal appellate, and various small claims disputes.

Attorney Charlton has a broad range of legal experience. He has practiced law for over ten years and currently is an Associate Professor of Law at AUT University in Aukland, New Zealand. He has also lectured in Law in New Zealand and in Hong Kong. He was awarded his Ph.D. at the University of Auckland Faculty of Law in May 2010 for a thesis entitled “Constitutional Conflict and Aboriginal Law: The Legal Doctrine of Hunting, Fishing and Gathering Rights in Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.” It argues that the present approach courts have taken toward the determination of the source, content and scope of hunting, fishing and gathering rights has been affected by historical and present day constitutional disputes concerning sovereignty, the nature and level of governmental authority and different philosophical approaches to political organization and individual rights. He also has a M.A. in International relations along with his J.D. from the University of Wisconsin.

Attorney Earl A. Charlton is the senior of counsel to the firm. He began practicing law over 50 years ago, and is presently licensed in Wisconsin. He has a wide range of experience. Attorney Charlton places an emphasis on business matters, but due to his many years of practice is able to offer advice on almost all areas of the law.